jueves, 3 de abril de 2008

Coro de Doctor Atomic basado en la Bhagavad Gîta...

John Adams
Doctor Atomic

De Nederlandese Opera
Muziektheater, Amsterdam, June 2007

Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest
Koor van De Nederlandse Opera

Conducted by Lawrence Renes
Regie: Peter Sellars

At the sight of this, your Shape stupendous,
Full of mouths and eyes, feet, thighs and bellies,
Terrible with fangs, O master,
All the worlds are fear-struck, even just as I am.
When I see you, Vishnu, omnipresent,
Shouldering the sky, in hues of rainbow,
With your mouths agape and flame-eyes staring—
All my peace is gone; my heart is troubled.
—Doctor Atomic (act 2, scene 2, chorus)
(Bhagavad Gîta 11)

No puedo poner más, estoy cansado y tengo sueño.... Pero PEDAZO DE ÓPERA!!!!

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